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Breaking up (With your home) is hard to do

My husband and I are kinda empty-nesters. We should be empty-nesters, but, that darn boomer-rang effect is in full swing.

Our three kids have all graduated from college, have great jobs, are earning salaries, paying their bills and have medical insurance. We're feeling pretty accomplished, like we did what we were supposed to.

Except, we've got a 25 year old living in our basement. Granted, he does mow our lawn, but, I'm pretty sure I'm spending more on food than I would on a landscaper.

We do love this kid, hmm, Boomer-Ranger! He makes us laugh, he's polite, cleans up after himself and keeps his social life away from our home... but, it's time for him to launch and buy his own toilet paper.

Our home was a great family home. Friends hanged out here. We had one child's wedding in our backyard. We've hosted large holiday gatherings. It's just, this house has outgrown US.

With our Boomer-Ranger in the basement, we aren't being as honest with ourselves as we need to be. We could be urban dwellers and ride our bikes to restaurants, or take impromptu trips to the beach or mountains. Instead, we spend weekends doing yard work, housing maintenance, dusting every little thing we've ever collected and cringing as the temperatures warm up knowing those summer Phoenix A/C bills are going to burn up the impromptu beach budget.

Are you ready to break-up with your current home? Watch this video

for some additional insight into the process and if you think you're ready to break-up, contact me and I'll help you with the process and maybe you can help motivate me to start my own break-up.

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