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Should I Stay, or Should I Go

If moving is constantly on your mind, should I stay, should I go, should I sleep on it another night, consider this...


(Translation = It's a Sellers Market and Buyers are Buying


No one has a crystal ball, I certainly can't predict the future anymore than the next person, but, if moving is something you have considered, now may be the best time to list your home. Find a quiet moment to sit down and consider your options. Why do you want to sell? Where will you move? Is it better to wait a few years?

Our family has made several moves over the years:

We outgrew our home.

The street behind us was too noisy.

The flight path seemed to veer over our home... more noise.

Now, we live near the rail road tracks. Surprisingly, it's by far, our quietest home, but, the home has outgrown us. It's too big, and maybe, it's too quiet.

When neighbors see homes being listed and sold for top dollar, many follow the lead and list their home as well. Generally, more inventory in a neighborhood, means lower prices in the vicinity. If there are fewer homes in a desirable area, the higher prices those homes get.

If you bought your home just before the infamous crash in 2006, you may finally be above water and it may be a good time for you to sell. If you were one of the lucky ones who picked up your home when prices were rock bottom, you probably have a lot of equity in your home that you could cash in and either move up, move down, or maybe pay cash for a home in another state where the housing market isn't as competitive.

You may have some surprising options that you never considered. I can run a market analysis for you and you can determine if the numbers make sense for you to move.

Family situations change and so do housing needs. Maybe your a lucky one who has found their home sweet home. Nothing wrong with that. However, if you see a change in your housing needs this coming year, I'd love to be your advocate and help you navigate the market and find the best fit for your families housing needs. Feel free to contact me.

At the end of 2016, the economic team at crunched the data and made a forecast for the top 5 housing markets in the country. Click on the cactus to see what other cities are projected to be hot markets for housing in 2017.

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